How I fell in love with my bicycle!

I’m truly, madly, deeply in love with my bicycle and I’m pretty certain most other cyclists will completely understand my feelings.

A dictionary definition of love is; an intense feeling of deep affection or a great interest and pleasure in something……

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Another Finnish Cycling Tale…

Soon I will be heading back to Finland…. to cycle the Finnish/Russian border while heading north, along the eastern section of the Iron Curtain Trail.

I’ve actually had almost a whole year filled with Finland. Holding public talks and writing about last years journey, has kept the memories as fresh as yesterday, and I’m truly captivated with everything Finnish. Their stunning flora and fauna, their never-ending forests, their inviting lakes, their lovely people, their twitter news, even their ‘tar sweets’ and bitter arctic weather!

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Winter Snippets.

We are now into February, and thankfully Spring will soon be tip-toeing over the Lea! In fact, whilst strolling Under Loughrigg near Ambleside this morning, I saw a spotted woodpecker drumming loudly. Apparently a sign of Spring breaking….though at this present moment it’s snowing rather heavily outside.

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Trust,Tips and Wild Camping.

Do you have an innate trust that the world is fundamentally a good place, where people are generally safe and kind to each other? Or are you of the mind that it’s mostly a dangerous, threatening world that we live in nowadays?

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Cycling Thoughts and Real Food!

My next meal. What will it consist of? Where is it going to come from?

Images of creamy avocados, colourful simmering beans, chewy rye bread, sweet yellow honey, fresh crunchy greens….are all frantically whirling around in my head!

Thoughts of food are a constant companion during the never-ending miles of distance cycling. I’m sure most cyclists out on long rides, think along similar lines. Any type of exercise is going to increase the appetite but cycling seems to make one ravenous!

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Cycling, Women, Zen and Christmas!

Amongst my circle of friends and acquaintances, I personally know of very few older woman, who cycle long distances or hike and camp alone. Any others I come across appear to be sprinkled through social media sites, few and far between. In television, film and books, there also seems to be minimal representation of mature women who are out solo-adventuring.

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