Cycling Alone in the Finnish Rain.

Without a doubt, travelling by bicycle is a humbling experience.

Last year I cycled from Kirkenes in Norway towards Helsinki in southern Finland. Basking in hot sunshine, close to the sea and mostly on undulating back roads.

This year’s journey was an interesting contrast.

Cycling from Imatra in south-eastern Finland to Kuusamo in the north-east I met a very different experience. Plenty of low clouds, rain, and strong winds, along isolated gravel tracks through dense forests and hilly terrain!

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Cycling Under the Midnight Sun.

For most people cycling with a partner, friends or a group is the norm. They generally enjoy it much more than cycling alone. For myself, it’s the other way around… all my tours have been solo. However, on this particular journey, I decided to take the plunge and actually ask a friend if he would like to join me. For the last few days of my journey northwards, along the Russian border. We all know that stepping outside your comfort zone now and again, is good for you… Isn’t it?

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A Snippet from Finland.

It’s raining very heavily. Pinging, pattering, on the tent fly sheet. Light and heavy. A musical tune. As the trees sway, they shower slow fat drops, the sky rain lands lightly, almost whispering.

I’m listening. Waiting. Hoping for mercy, so I can dash out of the tent to grab my goretex jacket! Which I’d foolishly left in a bike bag, on the bike.

That’s how it is, when camping in the rain. High alert listening and a waiting game…..

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A Hybrid Approach.

Very soon I’ll be on the road again….. back to the sultry, mysterious and beautiful Finland! I’m bursting with excitement. It’s been a whole year since the last Finnish journey. That tantalising eastern section of the Evo Velo 13/Iron Curtain Trail has been beckoning ever since.

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How I fell in love with my bicycle!

I’m truly, madly, deeply in love with my bicycle and I’m pretty certain most other cyclists will completely understand my feelings.

A dictionary definition of love is; an intense feeling of deep affection or a great interest and pleasure in something……

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Another Finnish Cycling Tale…

Soon I will be heading back to Finland…. to cycle the Finnish/Russian border while heading north, along the eastern section of the Iron Curtain Trail.

I’ve actually had almost a whole year filled with Finland. Holding public talks and writing about last years journey, has kept the memories as fresh as yesterday, and I’m truly captivated with everything Finnish. Their stunning flora and fauna, their never-ending forests, their inviting lakes, their lovely people, their twitter news, even their ‘tar sweets’ and bitter arctic weather!

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