Winter Snippets.

We are now into February, and thankfully Spring will soon be tip-toeing over the Lea! In fact, whilst strolling Under Loughrigg near Ambleside this morning, I saw a spotted woodpecker drumming loudly. Apparently a sign of Spring breaking….though at this present moment it’s snowing rather heavily outside.

We are definitely still in the throes of our British winter. The ground is currently frozen solid, making it difficult for the wildlife to find food. On that same stroll, I came across a local man standing hand held out, like a statue. Drawing closer, I could see that perched on his hand was a plump little red breasted robin, hungrily feasting from a cup of seed! Wonderful!

My bike is waiting patiently to be ridden again. Knowing when the slippery ice melts, the air warms a little and the birds start to twitter, her wheels will be singing too! I’m raring to get back on the saddle. Cycle training is going to take priority in the spring….. Finland is calling.

I fell in love with Finland last year on that epic ride and seem to have become somewhat bewitched by the experience!


The  Iron Curtain Trail, Euro Velo 13 section starting near Helsinki, heading north towards Lapland, has burrowed under my skin. Most of you will know, that unfortunately I had to give the mid eastern section onwards, a miss in May last year. So the decision has been made, not without some trepidation, to cycle wildly northwards, as far as possible in my available time!

It’s definitely happening…. no turning back now the flights are booked.

However in the meantime, home is the Lake District and what a wonderful place to be whatever the season. Running (slowly!) has taken precedence over cycling for now, in an attempt to keep fitness, wellbeing and positivity through the dim winter months. Luckily at times, bright days, sparkling snows and heavy frosts have transformed the landscape beautifully. Lifting the spirits and giving some wonderful opportunities to capture photographic memories.

I’ve decided to post a few wintry photos, captured around the Fells near Ambleside and lower ground close to Sawrey near Hawkshead……in the hope you will enjoy them.

DSCN1945 (2)
IMG_8996 (2)

“At some point in life the worlds beauty becomes enough”

Toni Morrisson.

6 thoughts on “Winter Snippets.

  1. I can completely empathise with Scandinavia getting under you skin, especially the north. Truly the last real wilderness of Europe.
    We’ve been captivated too and have recently booked flights to walk the Kungsleden from south to north in August/September. I wish you luck with your journey Julie.


    1. Wow! The Kungsleden sounds like a fantastic adventure coming up for you and Chrissie. Good luck with it and hopefully some posts on Twitter too, when the time comes!
      It’s so fantastic to have the wilderness of Scandanavia almost on the doorstep…. we’re lucky…


  2. Your winter scenery is delightful. We’ve warmed up a tad, the snow yesterday turned to rain which saved us from another 5-15cm of snow. Week ahead forecast to be mild – maybe spring is finding its way here too, but I doubt it! :DD hahah.


    1. Pleased to hear you enjoyed the photos Kate!
      We’ve warmed up here too today by several degrees, the streams and rivers are roaring along.
      I enjoyed your last blog post too… it’s wonderful to hear about a proper garden. Your Mum’s story about the roses in the comments section, was heartwarming to read!
      Our spring will definitely be here before yours….. 🙂

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