The Best of Times…..

Hands up, if you dislike being slowed down by the common cold, influenza or whatever form of illness, the winter brings. To me it feels like an inconvenient waste of days, perhaps even weeks for some poor souls. I just keep reminding myself, that the naturopathic viewpoint is that having an occasional cold or flu is, an important detox. Which when translated means, being ill is actually sometimes good for you!


Some clouds though do have a silver lining. In an attempt to cheer myself up, a little bit of escapism crept in, with dreams of my sunny, warm and crazy biking adventures in New Zealand. I’ve just written a short article, about a section of a South Island bike ride for Intrepid Magazine, a new outdoor publication particularly aimed at women. This has encouraged me to have more films digitally scanned, therefore dredging up long forgotten, fantastic memories.

Here it is…….the wild, warmth and beauty of my first love……


scan13The Coromandel Coast, North Island


scan09The Coromandel Coast, North Island.


The Rainbow Trail, South Island.


scan04 (2)

The Remarkables, Lake Wakatipu or the Bay of Spirits, near Queenstown, South Island.


scan014Milford Sound, South Island.


The Mavora Lakes Trail/Rainbow Trail, South Island.



The Old Dunstan Gold Trail, South Island.


I hope you have enjoyed all the photos. If you are interested in reading about another New Zealand, solo biking shenanigan………. go to;

The copies are in print and available by pre-order only………less than fourteen days to go!!!

Some of you reading this blog may have a winter illness, so sending you lots of good wishes and get well soon!

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