Away To Islay. Part One!

“You have no such accurate remembrance of a country you have driven through as you gain by riding a bicycle.” Ernest Hemingway.

It was time to escape.

During the long busy summer at work in Ambleside, a deep inner longing had developed. A yearning, for quiet, stillness and serenity. The opportunity to take deep breaths…to breathe out with the earth.

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My Favourite Cycling Kit.

Quite recently, I had a meeting with a road cyclist from Windermere. He was keen to go touring and wanted some advice about the necessaryequipment for a longish tour. After, giving this meeting more thought, I decided to write a short Blog Post. Perhaps, there are more of you out there, who would like to hear about some tried and tested basic equipment.

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Cycling in the Scottish Rain!

Ambleside is more or less, the same as it was before I left for a cycling tour in Scotland. Familiar faces, busy streets, the much-missed bookshop and the terrific delicatessen. Though, nature has lived through another season and is now a burgeoning green.

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Being Aware…

Contrary to popular opinion, the social media platform Twitter, is actually a goldmine of information. I’ve been fortunate enough to access writing opportunities and grant funding for cycling expeditions. The online newspaper, and media posts, are good reads. Often providing thought-provoking and enlightening news items.

Recently I read an interesting feature in the online Guardian about the effect of humans on wildlife survival.

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Lockdown Musings From Ambleside.

It’s been quite sometime since my last blog post. The urge to write has been temporarily stifled by the comings and goings of life. But, my blogging conscience is a sharp reminder that there are followers, like you, who may actually be interested in reading another post while we experience our third lockdown.

The Ambleside streets are almost empty, though not yet as quiet as the first lockdown last March.

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Cycling Contentedly.

I thought of that while cycling”… Albert Einstein.

There are numerous types of recreational cyclists… touring, racing, mountain biking, electric, and more. The main aim for the majority of these appears to be…to propel themselves forward as fast as is humanly possible. Or is it because I’m growing older and slower, that so many appear to be zooming by?

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Cycling Wildly in New Zealand


It was mid-morning on a hot New Years Eve, my bike propped up on the fence of the closed schoolyard. I peeled off a layer of merino…suddenly, there came a resounding crash of breaking glass. The scattering shards bounced off my ankles… 

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