A Cycle Along ‘The Winter War’ Route.

DSCN9459”When Stalin says dance a wise man dances”

Perhaps some of you may know of the ‘Winter War?’ A shocking series of battles, that took place between Finland and Russia during the unspeakably cold winter of 1939 to 1940.

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Meeting the East with Grace and Gratitude

Finnish hospitality appears to be boundless.

During last years cycle journey from the north of Finland to the south, I was the recipient of much goodwill and friendliness. (Finnish Hospitality, May 2018 Archives) This year’s cycling adventure through Finland met with even more gifts of generosity, from so many.

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Cycling Alone in the Finnish Rain.

Without a doubt, travelling by bicycle is a humbling experience.

Last year I cycled from Kirkenes in Norway towards Helsinki in southern Finland. Basking in hot sunshine, close to the sea and mostly on undulating back roads.

This year’s journey was an interesting contrast.

Cycling from Imatra in south-eastern Finland to Kuusamo in the north-east I met a very different experience. Plenty of low clouds, rain, and strong winds, along isolated gravel tracks through dense forests and hilly terrain!

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Cycling Under the Midnight Sun.

For most people cycling with a partner, friends or a group is the norm. They generally enjoy it much more than cycling alone. For myself, it’s the other way around… all my tours have been solo. However, on this particular journey, I decided to take the plunge and actually ask a friend if he would like to join me. For the last few days of my journey northwards, along the Russian border. We all know that stepping outside your comfort zone now and again, is good for you… Isn’t it?

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